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Financial traineeship

Technical Development Program

Future leaders
High-potential individuals with a quantitative background accepted onto the program will embark on a 6-year program, rotating functions every two years across different entities in The Hague, The Netherlands. In addition to three guaranteed roles in 6 year’s time, you will get many opportunities to develop yourself by participating in behavioral training programs and obtaining professional credentials. 

What types of training are involved?
The program has a number of elements. While working in carefully selected roles, rotated approximately every two years, participants will receive peer-to-peer coaching together with coaching from their manager and the Technical Development Program coordinator.

Participants will also join a number of formal behavioral training modules, designed and delivered in partnership with a well-known training institute in The Netherlands. The training enables participants to develop leadership and cooperation skills; prepares them for (senior) professional and managerial roles at critical mid-level positions. It is also an excellent opportunity to network with peers and interact with senior management.

Participants will also be provided with the flexibility, tools and time to obtain the professional accreditation most applicable to their career path, such as CFA, FRM or actuarial accreditations AAG, FSA or FIA.

What types of jobs might I be doing during the six years?
When rotations take place, the Technical Development Committee - consisting of executives from different functions -, will take the development needs of the participant and their preference into consideration, together with balancing the overall job rotation objectives.

You can take on several roles. Some examples are Capital Management Analyst in Corporate Treasury, Relation & Portfolio Manager Asset Management, Pricing and Modeling Actuary, Underwriting Risk Manager in Corporate Actuarial and Financial Risk Manager for the Financial Risk Management Department.

How many positions are there?
To ensure a continuous stream of talent, up to five applicants are accepted onto the program each year. There are currently 12 participants on the Technical Development Program, with some open positions for young talents.

Who can apply?
The program is open to candidates with a Master’s degree (or equivalents in other countries) in any technical discipline. This could include physics, mathematics, econometrics, actuarial science, financial econometrics, and quantitative risk management. The program is aimed at those with a maximum of five years relevant industry work experience since graduation. Subject to consideration, those with relevant work experience may be able to join the program at a later stage. Fluency in English is essential, and knowledge of other languages would be an advantage given the international nature of our business.

Please contact Jessie de Groot, Consultant at Vye professionals for more information  020-5141409